Once Crippled, but …


Yoka in Thousand Oaks, CA

1995 was the year I was crippled in excruciating pain in a wheelchair. After simply bending over to dry my leg after my shower one morning, I suddenly couldn’t get up. I spent the weekend in a chair while waiting to see an acupuncturist on Monday morning. After repeated acupuncture treatments, I tried chiropractics, during which time I was searching for six months for other remedies in alternative medicine. I finally was informed that I had a defect, since birth, in my lower back that had weakened with age and stress on my 6-foot frame.

After 2 cancellations in the hospital for Triple Spinal Fusion surgery, I fled to a hospital inFloridawhere they tried to teach me to walk for 6 weeks, yet to no avail. Depressed and feeling defeated, I returned home in a wheelchair and simply (yet profoundly) prayed to God. Subsequently, I was led to a chiropractor who practices non-invasive techniques. He told me that I ‘may never walk again.’ We worked together almost daily for two years, placing my bones in alignment. Gradually I could walk again yet very fearfully; the slightest wrong move and the severe pain sent me back for treatment. As a result of my fear, pain and frustration, I again turned to God in deep prayer; I asked, “What are you trying to tell me?” The message I understood was that God had given me a talent as an artist and I was not fulfilling it. I had simply not trusted myself to earn a living through my painting. Yet at that moment, I promised God that if my spine were healed, I would work full time being an artist.

The Miracle happened. My auto mechanic told me about LA Jorei Center that could help heal colds and flu. In June 1997 a very depressed friend came over and I suggested we go together to the center. At this time, my already impaired vision was worsening and was also beginning to frighten me. During my first Jorei treatment my eyesight improved! The pain in my spine, hip and leg vanished. I never went back to the chiropractor yet my back completely healed. I now dance, swim and run…better than I had before these injuries! After only one Jorei treatment, even the relentless spasms in my calves were gone.

Additionally, I immediately stopped seeing my therapist, and after 32 years of releasing my emotions through Bulimia, I stopped this pattern and can only thank Jorei for this triumph. I had previously reacted to life and people through fear and even tried suicide three times over the years. Since commencing Jorei, any suicidal thoughts have entirely disappeared. My body temperature, which used to feel consistently hot, is now normal and my formerly dry skin is now naturally soft. Another miracle is that I am no longer addicted to diet pills for energy, nor do I use laxatives that I had been using regularly since I was 16 years old.

Happiness and confidence surfaced naturally for the first time in my life. Now, I am open, full of love, good humored and laugh regularly. I have patience and I speak with ease and clarity, no longer struggling as I used to. My memory is improving and I no longer feel self-conscious, awkward or out of place. I am now at home in my body, in my mind and in the world. Life has become a pleasure for me and my paintings are privately and corporately commissioned and collected internationally.

Thank you Meishu-Sama for Jorei and your teachings. My heart is full of gratefulness and Love. In March of 1998, I became a happy member in order to give Jorei to others. Thank you Yoshio, Harumi and Meyo for everything!

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