Jorei’s Path to Heaven on Earth


Sydney in Los Angeles, CA

In 1968, as a sophomore in High School, I was prescribed antibiotics for teenage acne and began taking antibiotics on a daily basis. I continued to take antibiotics without fail every day for the next 18 years until I stopped in October of 1986. At the same time I stopped the antibiotic treatment, I went to the dentist who in two weeks filled 20 of my teeth with mercury amalgam fillings. Also, at this time, I changed overnight to a strict vegetarian no-fat diet suggested by a book. Immediately, during the dental treatment, I came down with shingles on the right side of my body with a rash and extreme nerve pain. After this, I became sensitive to many foods, especially processed foods, leftovers, fruits, sweets, and fermented foods and everything in my environment especially gas, carpets, paints and other chemicals (Allergic to the 20th century!). I became extremely fatigued, icy cold, feverish, and extremely clouded and slow mentally on a continual basis(chronic fatigue syndrome). I consulted over 50 doctors both holistic and medical over the next 10 years and took huge dosages of all vitamins, minerals, herbs and vegetable juices available (spending from $50,000 to $100,000 on doctor’s treatments, vitamins and herbs, etc.). However, I just became weaker and finally in July, 1989 my body started breaking out in huge swellings (hives) of the lips, face, body, arms, legs, feet, etc. as shown in my photo. I was forced to stop the vitamins, minerals and herbs to control the hives. I was prescribed Hisminal, prednisone and other drugs to stop the swellings but they just increased the swellings.

In January, 1990, I was forced to move to a warm climate inCaliforniaas heating systems and winter climate was too stressful on me in my weakened state. I continued to see more doctors and to take every new product offered in the health food store spending up to $300.00 a weekend. The doctors told me that different things were the cause of my ailments. They diagnosed liver, digestive and immune system and autoimmune malfunction, Alkalosis, systemic pathogenic parasites, candida, and bacteria and blood poisoning septicemia and multiple food and environmental allergies (universal reactor syndrome). However whatever they told me to do or have me to take, including vitamins, minerals and herbs, my body would just become more toxic and break out in huge hives. Also, I continued to lose my abilities to function at work. The hive breakout continued to grow to a weekly occurrence causing absenteeism from work up to 2 days a week. Since I work for the Federal Government I was protected , otherwise I would have been fired.


In July, 1993, after much praying about my condition and after trying every available treatment with all my kitchen cabinets full of vitamins, minerals, herbs and other health products, a very good friend aware of my condition suggested I try Jorei. I started Jorei right away on a daily basis and gave up taking all my medication and health food store remedies. After each treatment, I would get a fever and feel very nauseous and toxic; however, the next day, I would feel much better than I’ve felt in many years. I saw that I had to cleanse myself with Jorei to get better. I continued to do Jorei every day for the next four years sometimes receiving double, triple or quadruple treatments while also serving. Although I have had many cleansing reactions (Jokas) including diarrhea, throwing up, swellings, colds, flus, various pains and a painful nerve pain in my right side and arm (similar to the shingles in 1986) I now have new strength and a clear mind able to function extremely well at work. In fact, I have never missed a day of work for sickness in the past year and have actually won awards this past year for my renewed excellent performance at work due to the cleansing of Jorei. Also, the severity, size, and number of occurrences of the huge swellings have been decreasing with Jorei with the last major episode occurring more than a month ago(at one time they were happening on a weekly almost daily basis). My body now only desires organic cotton clothes, fresh natural foods and pure water for bathing and drinking. In my home, I have hardwood floors and no chemicals. With Jorei, I have also had the strength to replace all my mercury fillings with non-toxic fillings. In addition, I eat what my body craves ( only fresh, natural, and unprocessed foods) with no snacking and this seems to give my body the nutrients it needs without taking the vitamins and minerals which increases my toxic level. My body is much stronger and does not allow any toxic substance to enter my system without immediately releasing it in a Joka. So, Jorei has been a great blessing in my life. I feel like I did before the poisoning with antibiotics and mercury fillings. As a fringe benefit, my spirit has also been cleansed and I feel very loving as in my recent picture after Jorei and blissful even in the Jokas. Thank you, Meishu-sama for Heaven on earth.

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