“Jorei’s Path to Heaven on Earth”

Sydney in Los Angeles, CA

In 1968, as a sophomore in High School, I was prescribed antibiotics for teenage acne and began taking antibiotics on a daily basis. I continued to take antibiotics without fail every day for the next 18 years until I stopped in October of 1986. At the same time I stopped the antibiotic treatment, I went to the dentist who in two weeks filled 20 of my teeth with mercury amalgam fillings. Also, at this time, I changed overnight to a strict vegetarian no-fat diet suggested by a book. Immediately, during the dental treatment, I came down with shingles on the right side of my body with a rash and extreme ……….

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“Once Crippled, but …”

Yoka in Thousand Oaks, CA

1995 was the year I was crippled in excruciating pain in a wheelchair. After simply   bending over to dry my leg after my shower one morning, I suddenly couldn’t get up. I spent the weekend in a chair while waiting to see an acupuncturist on Monday morning. After repeated acupuncture treatments, I tried chiropractics, during which time I was searching for six months for other remedies in alternative medicine. I finally was informed that I had a defect, since birth, in my lower back that had weakened with age and stress ……….

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“Endless Problems Solved”

Deborah in Denver, CO

For many years I was on an endless search for an answer to my many health problems. As a child I suffered from strep throat, which I had every winter, and started on the endless road of antibiotics. My tonsils were finally removed as an adult, after being on antibiotics on and off for two years. I also had chronic bronchitis which lasted all of my life and at one point progressed into pneumonia and pleurisy, having to once again take other medications along with antibiotics. A bike accident, where I lost my two front teeth and had nerve damage, at the age of 8 was the onset of an overwhelming amount of dental work over the years, using anesthesia and pain ……….

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“Relief without Medication”

Jeff in Sherman Oaks, CA

A week after our mother died onFebruary 26th, 2007, a member, took me and my brother for our first Jorei experience. I was in shock from my loss, and really didn’t know where I was. Yoshi told me after my session, that my ashen pallor had turned back to its normal color. I felt a little more relaxed and grounded.

For the past 16 years or so, I was dependant on medicine for my headaches, backaches, and anxiety. On a typical day, whenever I felt pain, I would take medicine with Codeine, ……….

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